bursting the blogging bubble

by Molly Swientoniewski

My last post on here was at the end of December, and I’ve posted here and there on Instagram, but it’s definitely evident that I haven’t been as dedicated to this as I used to be. I’ve obviously had time to reflect on the possible reasons to why I’ve been pretty much MIA. I thought maybe it is due to moving out of my comfort zone to a new city or even starting a full-time job, but I’ve realized those aren’t reasons why.

The truth is that I cannot stand what blogging has become.

Trust me, I know deep down that I should worry only about myself instead of what others have done to create this perception of the blogging world. Granted, my mantra for life is “You do you, and I’ll do me.” However, social media and its ability for the world to be easily interconnected is a bittersweet blend of good and bad. It is nearly impossible to ignore the steady decline in transparency and authenticity that is happening when you scroll on Instagram or visit someone’s blog.

What do I mean when I say there has been a decline in transparency and authenticity? To explain this, I’ve pointed out just a few things I’ve noticed happening in the blogging world that I find misleading:

  • Bloggers are not posting swipe-up links because so many people asked where something is from. These links are posted to gain commission. Simple as that.

  • Not every product you receive is going to be your favorite. I’ve been sent items that just did not work out for me. I have watched other bloggers’ try-on sessions on Instagram and talk about how each piece is their favorite. Here’s the kicker: later on those “favorite” pieces are listed on their resale Instagram page or Poshmark.

  • I have no qualms for those who have made blogging their full-time position - I say power to you for doing what you’re passionate about. With taking on blogging as a full-time job, this means the blog is their source of income. I also have no reservations about this because blogging can be very lucrative. What does bother me is the issue regarding a lack of transparency from bloggers who utilize their blogs as a means of income. Collaborations can bring in some big money, but I have witnessed bloggers promoting for companies that they obviously have never used prior to the collaboration and then proceed to discuss how everyone should purchase from that company because it’s the best and their favorite. Perhaps it is truly the best and their favorite in their eyes, but I find this highly unrealistic and unlikely. More likely than not, they are getting paid to say that. What is even a bigger issue is when bloggers participate in these collaborations and do not publicly disclose that they are getting paid to promote the company. This goes against the policies of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can read more about the FTC’s policies HERE.

Perhaps these things bother me due to the fact that my goals with Golly Miss Molly have been different from other bloggers.

It has never been about gaining popularity or making money.

It has never been about changing how I portray myself for the sake of getting likes or followers.

What it is about is very simple: I love to shop for all things fashion and sharing my finds, deals, and outfits with others. There is something so simple yet empowering about putting on an outfit and feeling like you can do anything. That’s truly my purpose with Golly Miss Molly. I want it to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for all my killer gals out there.

So where do we go from here? In the grand scheme of things - essentially nowhere. I’m still here and I have no desire to cut ties with Golly Miss Molly, which means I cannot cut ties with the blogging world. With that being said, I want to continue to be as genuine and real as I can be. I have always considered this as a hobby - an escape where I can express myself and have fun while doing it.

As part of being open and transparent, I wanted this post to bring light to some of the misleading things going on in the blogging world and how those made me take a step back from it for awhile. I’ve accepted that these things will keep happening, but I have realized that I don’t have to take part in what it is becoming. So here’s to some much-needed time to reflect on my journey with Golly Miss Molly and to continue keeping it as real as possible.